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Word Study

Word Study is more than just spelling.  Though that is part of word study it is more about breaking words apart, understanding what makes the word and understanding the meaning.  We look at words that author's use to make their writing better which will help students improve their reading.  My hope for my students is that they will discover how amazing words are and become word collectors. 

In our classrooms, students will have a weekly pattern or skill but they will be studying the weekly concept and looking for the concept in text.  They will also have Word Study time where they will be practicing the concept.  I do give them a list of words that we use the study and investigate.  Each week, I will give students a list of words that follow the skill or pattern.  We will color code and sort the words and begin a word hunt looking for additional words we can add to our word collections. My weekly assessment is much different than most.  I have students give me examples that follow the week's concept. 

I have included the lists that I use.  I encourage you to review the words with your child.  Let your child tell you about the word.  Talk about the number of letters, syllables, vowels.  Focus on the skill/pattern and look for words around your home.  Also ask them the definition and look at the word in context.  Mostly have fun with words.   

Contact Mrs. Emmons for any questions or concerns.