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Word Study

Word Study is more than just spelling.  Though that is part of word study it is more about breaking words apart, understanding what makes the word and understanding the meaning.  We look at words that author's use to make their reading better.  

In our classrooms, students will have a weekly list but they will be studying the weekly concept and looking for the concept in text.  There will be nightly homework and a video for each of the lessons' concepts.  Students will be expected to take notes in their Word Study Notebooks.  Each time they work on their homework, students will need their notebooks, pencils and possibly coloring pencils or crayons for color coding. This is primarily done at home.  

In the classroom, we also have Word Study Wednesday each week for concepts that are not on the weekly lists.  These concepts are assessed in other ways besides a weekly spelling test.  Again students will Word Study notebooks, pencils and a way to color code if needed.  Therefore, Word Study Notebooks needed to be returned to school on Wednesdays and I will make sure they take them back home to continue nightly practice. 

Contact Mrs. Emmons for any questions or concerns.