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What are we Learning in Math:

Use the toolbar on the left to select a topic we're learning about in math. The information included will help you understand what skills we are learning and how we are learning the skills. You may also find additional worksheets to have your child practice on at home. 

In today's math classroom, we work to help students understand how concepts and numbers work, before we teach the algorithm. This seems backwards to us adults, but it makes sense to students who have not yet learned the algorithm and helps students develop deeper math understanding and problem solving skills. 

Please do not teach your child the algorithm before we have done it in class. This tends to cause great confusion for students and then students often have trouble with the conceptual strategies we use. Instead, encourage your child to teach you the "new" math strategies they have learned. One of the best ways to learn something, is to teach it!

If you'd like more information on the philosophy of math in Middlebury Community Schools, check out this website.