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Virtual Learning Information

Click here for written directions on how to get started with your Chromebook and how to access Google Classroom for the first time. 

Virtual Learning students need to follow the class schedule in order to be available for live streaming. Each live streaming session will start with the schedule time posted in the classroom schedule. Students will find the link to the live streams in each of the corresponding Google Classroom's header. 

All work that needs to be completed will also be found in the corresponding Google Classroom. All work is expected to be completed the same day as assigned, unless otherwise noted. This will NOT be like e-Learning in the spring.

Students will be expected to check their school email every day. This is where they can find important information. We will teach students how to do this. Students will also be expected to complete an attendance form each day. This will be found in the Homeroom Classroom. 

Google Meet/Live Streaming Expectations: 

1. All mics should be muted except the teacher unless he/she calls on you. 
2. Do not share your screen unless told to by your teacher. 
3. Sit where your Chromebook remains immobile (on a table or desk) and the camera is directed on the face. 
4. Wear appropriate clothes. 
5. Do not talk when someone else is talking. 
6. Do not use the chat in the background during a presentation or lecture. The chat is for teacher questions only. 
7. Keep your video on unless the teacher directs you to turn it off. 
8. You are expected to be in your class and paying attention. 
10. Do not use emojis unless asked to by your teacher. 
11. Do not make faces or exhibit other distracting behavior. Do not hold things (pets, toys, food, etc.) up in front of the camera.