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Multi-Digit Multiplication

State Standards: 

4.C.2: Multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one-digit whole number and multiply two two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations. Describe the strategy and explain the reasoning.

This year in fourth grade, we will learn to multiply a two, three, and four digit number by a one digit number using place value strategies. See the parent letter we sent home here and the sample problems:  
             Multiplication Parent Letter

Please do not teach your child the algorithm before we have done it in class. This tends to cause great confusion for students and then students often have trouble with the conceptual strategies we use. Instead, encourage your child to teach you the "new" math strategies they have learned. One of the best ways to learn something, is to teach it!

Watch the videos below to see each strategy : 
Area Model(once at the LearnZillion website you can click on "guest" at the                               bottom of the screen and enter your name to view the video)

Products Below- this strategy is similar to the partial products strategy, but the products are written below the problem (I'm still looking for a video)


Additional Resources to Use at Home:

Use Dice:


  • A fun way to practice is to roll a dice to create your two, three, or four digit number and then roll again to find the number you will multiply. Have students use a calculator to check their answers. 

Online Practice: 

   If your student gets a problem wrong on the above two games, the screen will show them the steps of the algorithm for the correct way. Instead, encourage your child to go back to their work on paper to find their mistake. 

  • Practice Filling in Missing Digits -This is great for doing your work on your own and filling in the missing digit. You can play a few problems on this site, but then it requires you to have a FREE parent account to continue playing